Before you start looking for a good commercial office or retail space for your small business,you need to sufficiently prepare yourself and learn all the ins and outs of commercial real estate. Being prepared will keep you from making hasty decisions that may hinder a positive return on the investment. Below are some insider tips to help make an informed decision when leasing a commercial real estate property space your business:

  1. Never settle for the first property you deem suitable for your needs: continue the search process until you have at least two other options. These extra options will work to your advantage because you will have an idea of what to expect during the lease negotiations. They also give you something to fall back to if the negotiations for your first choice go sideways.
  2. Since all commercial real estate leases have different terms and requirements,be sure to request for a copy of the lease for each of the prospective properties in advance.
  3. To help you decide what property is best suited for your business,prepare an electronic spreadsheet to compare different aspects of the properties. Some of the things you should put into consideration include the size of the office space in square footage,the lease price per square footage,the required lease term,and the incremental expenses (this should include things like maintenance fees and such). You can also jot down some notes about the pros and cons of each property.
  4. To avoid any future complications,it is important that you carefully analyze the terms of the lease before signing anything. Make sure you fully understand the total expenses you are expected to cover.
  5. Don’t get emotionally attached to a certain property until the negotiations are over. Emotional attachment might lead to you signing a contract that your business cannot live up to. The only thing you should probably be excited about during the search and negotiation processes is the prospect of your clients loving the location of your business.

In cases where you have more than three properties to choose from,you can narrow down the list by calculating the monthly base rents for each property then eliminating those that are way above your budget. The monthly base rent is calculated by multiplying the office space si.ze in square footage by the lease price per unit then dividing the product by 12.

If you would like more info on leasing commercial real estate space feel free to contactAustin Tenant Advisors


Easy Ways to Secure Your Childs SmartphoneEasy Ways to Secure Your Childs Smartphone

I wanted to take a look at this subject as I have personally had problems with my own kids and their cell phones. It is a fast growing problem for parents – most of whom have no idea how to help themselves. Being a parent isn’t getting any easier!

The Internet is a vast place. It’s full of extremely useful information,but it is also full of people that might not have your child’s wellbeing in mind. That being said,it’s important to put measures in place to ensure your child and any of their personal information is secure. Children and teens cannot always visualize the consequences of their seemingly trivial actions. It is the parent’s job to teach tech stranger danger and secure their child’s phone.

Stopping Hackers!

When it comes to keeping your kids safe online they can also be vulnerable to the same threats as the rest of us. Hackers are targetting cell phones in ever growing numbers but thankfully there are a few things we can do to keep safe from them. Did you know there are codes called USSD codes that can in some cases help find out if you have been hacked? Check this interesting artcle testing these codes at this article about online security.

Finding out if you are a target of hackers is an important step when you feel something isn’t right on you phone. I found another great resource for checking if your phone has been hacked at this article on phone security – have a look I think it will help! Now on to some tips to secure your kids phones and help stop the hackers.

1. Keep the Phone Updated

When the phone asks to be updated,be sure to do it. Updates are important to keeping the security of your Smartphone’s operating system as current as possible. Updates can also do things like make the phone run more smoothly,increase battery life,and fix bugs. Keeping the phone updated will also make it so you can get the latest app versions for anything from security software to games.

2. Monitor with Apps

You can download apps to monitor usage of the phone. These apps can be discreetly installed and are password protected. There are many apps like these available,but you will need to research what is compatible with your phone. Cost will also be a factor when researching what monitoring app is right for you.

Two major spy phone apps that I have looked at are mSpy and FlexiSpy – check this FlexiSpy review from the Reflex Guides website. These apps will track text messages,apps downloaded,where the phone is,and who your child is talking to. A bit extreme for some people’s taste I would imagine – but a great tool for others.

3. Password Protect

Password protecting your phone will keep your child’s information safe. Of course,this will need to be a password your child can remember so that they can use the phone. As always,passwords are the first line of defense in keeping your device safe. It’s a simple and free way to protect your child’s phone.

4. Install Antivirus

Children visit all kinds of sites. Even innocuous gaming sites can install malware on your device. There are plenty of antivirus apps available. Some are free and others are a bit more pricey,but anything is better than nothing when it comes to phone protection. Websites like Engadget and Wired are great places to find smartphone antivirus reviews.

5. Keep an Eye on Phone Bills

Phone bills are an easy way to track who is calling whom and how much money is being spent. This is a good way to double-check what you should already know,and you can even request digital copies so that you can stay paper-free but still get a detailed run-down of the month’s phone usage.

The safety of loved ones in this digital world is hard work. It’s crucial to keep a special eye on children,who are more susceptible to online predators. Stop and think for a moment how you can help protect them and educate them to the varied dangers they face now and in the future.


Buying Used CarBuying Used Car

Knowing which things need to be thoroughly inspected before you decide to purchase a used vehicle is the most important step. The condition of the transmission, car body and engine are the most important factors, and just because a car might appear that it has been well taken care of, doesn’t mean that it actually was. There are many ways for a seller to hide a problem they don’t want you to see, so be sure to know what to look for.
If you are not bringing a professional with you, it might be hard to do an evaluation of the mechanical state of the engine, but there are a few things which you should look out for. You should ask to see the service records, as they are a great way to see what was changed on the car, what had to be repaired, did the car have the same issue happening to it over and over again, etc. It is very important that the car was maintained regularly, as it shows that the previous owner took proper care of it. Unfortunately, service books won’t always be available, making it hard to see what was going on before. Certain cars have a thing called the timing belt, and it is important to see if there are any indications that it has been replaced. An average timing belt should be replaced every 60,000-105,000 miles, and if it hasn’t been changed lately, it might you cost extra money to have it replaced after you’ve purchased the vehicle.

Do not hesitate to look under the hood, even if you are not completely sure what you are looking for. Before you do, make sure that the car isn’t running, that the transmission is set to park, and that the brake is on. Granted, things under the hood might look dirty (if the person selling you the car hasn’t cleaned them), but that is not what you are looking for. You are looking for leaks, smells of burnt oil, visible damage, loose parts and modifications that shouldn’t be there.

Be sure to take all the time you need to do a close inspection, check the oil level as well, if the level is below minimum, it means that the car hasn’t been maintained in a long time. If the person you are buying from is trying to hurry you up, chances are that they are worried because you are inspecting the car in detail, and they are probably hiding something. Be sure to tell them that you will not buy the car unless you inspect it in detail, or better yet, get a professional of your choice to do it.


Car Tools & Equipments ChecklistCar Tools & Equipments Checklist

Utilizing equipments for vehicle repair can be rather difficult if you are a newbie as well as do not know your method around a tool box. Thankfully, it is not that difficult to get the hang of using them. There are various sorts of tools that exist when it pertains to repair and also Do It Yourself, yet there is a specialized collection of tools that enter into play when you are discussing automotive repair work. You need to have to utilize automotive equipments on autos just, or else you run the risk of creating significant damage to the car or truck itself.

A checklist of automobile tools

There are various tools for various exercises, particularly the body and afterwards under the hood. The emphasis right here is on the equipments that go under the hood.

Hex keys
Open up end wrenches
Oil filter wrench
Ratchet driver
Cutting pliers
Torque wrench
Crescent wrench
PB blaster
Adjustable pliers
Breaker bar
This is a checklist of all of the basic equipments that you will certainly really need in order to conduct repair services under the hood, or to service a car or truck.

The first thing that you need to have to buy is a screwdriver. One with a 4 sharp celebrity at the end is excellent. This will work for loosening parts of the car that are screwed together. In order to determine the size of the screwdriver, simply measure the screws. Hex keys, also typically referred to as Allen keys, are tiny pieces of metal that have a hexagonal shape. These are also utilized for tightening up parts in the car. The classic open end wrench is the most typically made use of device in auto repair work. It has the ability to loosen every one of the nuts and screws that are in the auto. You will really need differing dimensions per automobile. If the oil needs to be changed, the very best thing to do is to use your oil filter wrench, as any other wrench will merely cause damages to the filter. Your ratchet wrench is your most helpful device, as it is adjustable and also has actually obtained the capacity to suit numerous outlets – so you need to get this device in your tool kit without a doubt. If you wish to take on wiring, you will certainly really need to have some pliers handy that can likewise be adjusted.

So, there you have the basic break down of what you need to know when it comes to equipments for automobile repairs. Before you proceed with a car or truck repair, just bear in mind that you need to get to have all of the equipments discussed above.


Automotive MaintenanceAutomotive Maintenance

Automotive maintenance and repair is a huge industry. There are many unsuspected things that can go wrong with a vehicle, as well as if you do not have a warranty, you will certainly need to discover the appropriate maintenance and repair shop to trust fund with your automobile. Another thing to take into consideration is the quantity of routine maintenance people have actually executed on their cars and truck yearly. This would certainly consist of oil adjustments, brake tasks, flushing of liquids, or could merely be having your tires rotated for you. This type of work is normally left to the professionals because vehicle fixing work takes a degree of understanding and a great deal of experience to be able to be done correctly.

One point to expect when you are obtaining your auto repaired is to see to it you are shopping around for the very best rates readily available on parts. If you are using a shop, do not hesitate to inspect online for part costs that they declare you require. Usually your technician will be straightforward with you on part prices, but there is the celebration that they are attempting to earn money of the parts you require. An additional point to keep an eye out for is that the right parts are being replaced. Getting consultations for car fixing is a smart method unless you utilize the exact same purchase all of your needs as well as they are trusted amongst your family and area.

Another false impression is that any kind of automobile servicing will certainly cost an arm and a leg. Many basic points break on automobiles as opposed to tragic failings that make it really budget-friendly for people to have their cars taken care of, rather than investing more cash on a brand-new auto. A trusted technician will be able to inform you what is wrong with your cars and truck as well as the most effective alternatives for you to fix it. They will certainly likewise provide upkeep to stop disastrous fixes in the future.

Keeping a car properly is what will keep you far from getting numerous vehicle repair services. Have your relied on technician create a schedule of maintenance for you if your cars and truck does not currently have one. Small upkeep such as an oil adjustment will certainly go a long way in maintaining your auto’s engine at its complete potential. Upkeep is really budget-friendly and also is spread out with months and also months separating you from each set up browse through, which additionally helps people on a spending plan. The key factor in either case though is to pick a trustworthy neighborhood repair shop for any one of your vehicle requirements, no matter how big or tiny.